Popular commands brief for a fast access

By Rogie


*  match the pattern 
~ telda
r recursivly
w write
f force
i bang
v print log

Terminal tips

tab hit to auto completereset resets all terminal default look & othersclear clean terminal window & you can scroll for old writings


What is a good Illustration?

A good illustration should communicate the right message to the right audience.

What makes a good illustration?

1. Accuracy

  • It depends on the target audience.
  • It depends on the context.

2. Stylistic Approach

Different styles speak a different language

  • Start by applying what you learned in graphic design.
  • Experiment many many different possibilities.

Experimentation makes a good…

You don’t have to be like everyone else to succeed.

After a bit of sound advice from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said:

Always choose the more challenging route,

surround yourself with the best smart people

The only way to win in startups

#1 Most important thing

Build something the user actually wants.
Build something that delights them, &They love.
Something you wanna tell…

Ahmed Elshahawi

Android Engineer @eBay

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